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Mission Statement

This class is meant to be quality time between you and your child in a world that constantly demands our attention. Our job as teachers is to create a fun and inspired class that brings you and your child together.

Moonflower Music Together has two locations in Evanston and serves Chicago, the North Shore, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Wilmette, and Rogers Park, Illinois.

Class Description

What is Music Together®?

Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program (http://www.musictogether.com) that began an educational project of the Center for Music and Young Children in 1985. Through ongoing research and development, the program continues to expand. Through centers nationwide, Music Together® touches thousands of children and their parents by bringing music making into family life.

Music Together class are based on the idea that making music with children, in the family and in a community of families... enriches the lives of both children and parents, promotes musical growth in children, optimizing their musical aptitude and future success in music, and should be fun!

Music Together class is not a "music lesson." It is not performance based, nor is it a model for musical perfection. It is a relaxed, playful, exploratory musical experience for both child and caregiver.


Model, model, model!

  • Adults must participate. If you don't, neither will your child.
  • If you want your child to be musical, then you must as well.

Silliness is next to godliness

  • Sometimes our best ideas come from our ability to use our SQ (silly quotient)
  • This classroom is an official safe zone for silly inspired ideas form both children and adults.


  • Please keep conversations to a minimum and singing to the maximum.
  • Please no snacks or personal toys, these can be quite distraction. (Breast feeding and baby bottles are always acceptable.)
  • Please leave strollers and shoes outside the classroom.

Do your homework

  • Listening to your cd's throughout the week will reinforce the activities we do in class.
  • Use your books. They are a great introduction to reading music.

Have Fun!!

  • Musical experiences facilitate basic tonal and rhythmic development.
  • Children absorb information in many different ways. Sometimes a child will seem "disconnected" in class but will duplicate activities at home


Music Together locations in Evanston, Illinois